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Invest in Africa's High Growth Businesses 

Optimum Access presents you, the emerging market Investor, with cherry picked potential borrowers. Our pragmatic transactional style balances localized yet international standards of Due Diligence, Credit Scoring and Modelling, incorporating investment risk mitigation tailored to work and hedge in this dynamic market.  

Support for Investors: Risk Management Partner 

We believe in offering investors and commercial borrowers, deal structures that work for them. As such, we take a creative approach to collateral, geared towards minimising costs and defaults, ensuring strong returns for all parties to our deals. 

Our dedicated expert on collateral, has identified and helped us stipulate innovative, workable options that work very well in this market.

Optimum Access presents you with a distinguished advantage deploying our innovative processes and analysis of select, viable business borrowers from Africa's emerging market.

Evaluation and Credit Scoring Criteria

These are the 5 fundamental tenets of our risk management processes which are deeply embedded in our credit analysis of potential borrowers that meet our minimum pre-requisites. 

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