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Your Local Partner: Paving The Way To New Markets

We understand how essential partnerships are to successfully achieve long term growth.
If you’re looking to grow your business in a new territory, Optimum Access is the well-connected partner, with the management capacity and contacts you need to succeed in Ghana, Gateway to West Africa.

Our Partner Services' strength lies in our Resource Partner Network that we deploy to resource and execute clients’ strategic expansion plans. 

We can partner with you and assist if you fall under the following category of business:
  • Foreign company looking to enter a new market in Africa, Ghana is a great gateway to get started.
  • West African companies looking to enter Ghana, in particular, we are here to give practical, hands-on support and advice.
  • For foreign clients that require ongoing management of local assets or advisory services "on the ground", we can provide the local eyes and ears your need to ensure your interests are protected
  • Optimum Access offers services that will help your Board of Directors function better, help you with Corporate Governance best practice, assistance in practical matters such as contract negotiations, systems, processes, IT software requirements, capacity building in the areas of financial and management expertise. All these are essential for long-term business growth.

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